Wolf Is Not The Answer

So, the acquisition topic of the day…free agent Randy Wolf. I’m not sure I want a guy who has averaged 7 wins per year over the past 5 seasons as a guy who will “mentor our young pitchers” as the team says he will do if signed. The kind of guy you want mentoring those pitchers is a proven, aging veteran who may give you 12 wins this year and next, then retire once the younger guys are ready to blossom. This is a Jamie Moyer or maybe a Glavine kind of guy. There aren’t many guys who are still available who could fit this mold. Perhaps Mark Mulder, who has been hurt the past few years, but was an ace at one time, winning 88 games over 5 years. I’m sure he would take a contract on the cheap and have good upside potential if he can get healthy. Even Livan Hernandez, who is probably closer to 40 than the 34 at which he is listed, might come cheap and will eat innings and save the younger arms from tiring themselves out and getting injured early in their careers. Ben Sheets is no ace but has won at least 10 games all but one season of his career. I’ll be honest, the pickings are slim right now, but I don’t see how we will improve on last year’s record of 59-102, when entering the season with a rotation built from John Lannan, Scott Olsen, Daniel Cabrera, Jordan Zimmerman, Collin Balester or Shairon Martis.


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