Why All Teixeira and No Sabathia?


I realize we really need a big bat in the middle of our lineup, but let’s face it, we need pitching just as badly. If the Lerners were willing to offer Mark Teixeira $180 million over 9 years, why wouldn’t they be willing to get involved the the CC Sabathia sweepstakes, where Sabathia ended up going to the Yankees for 7 years and $161 million?

They are basically the same age and you are committed to 2 fewer years and a little less money that way. Although Teixeira eventually got $180 million over 8 years from the Yankees, people sense that we have a problem in DC of players not wanting to sign with us.  The offer to Teixeira was a good one, and I’m proud of them for going all out in the bidding for Teixeira’s services. But until we sign that first blockbuster free agent, I’ll remain concerned that we’re going to have to overpay to lure guys to play here. Once we start winning and the first few guys sign here, that problem will go away. But for now, as much as I like building up our farm system for long-term sustainability, we need to sign somebody with some drawing power to show we can compete with the big boys.


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