Where Does Kearns Fit In?

Looking at the Nats’ roster as of today, it appears that, if healthy, their opening day outfielders would be Willingham, Milledge and Dukes. The club appears eager to eventually move Milledge to a corner spot, so if they acquire someone through a trade (i know, fat chance) or if someone has an incredible spring and earns the job, then Milledge would likely be the first alternate at one of the corner spots. Even if he does begin in center field, where does that leave Kearns? First outfielder off the bench at best, or perhaps even the second option if he is struggling. One of the biggest questions will be whether he can regain any power after being banged up for much of last season. If he can’t produce extra-base hits and homers, it will limit his playing time. Will he be happy as a bench player? He is well-liked by teammates and Bowden, but when someone who is used to starting begins spending a lot of time on the bench, it can be rough on the player and the clubhouse. And that would put one of their larger salaries on the bench as well. Will be interesting to see what they do with him.


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