$10 Million? No Thanks

Not much big news on the Nats front today, so I thought I would comment on the Andy Pettite situation. Must be nice to have someone try and hand you a check for $10 million and then you shake your head saying no thank you. Pettite earned $1.14 million per win last season ($16 mil for 14 wins). Wake up, Pettite. Take the $10 million. Even if you have plenty of money in the bank, if you decide to retire because you think $10 million per season to pitch is an insult, you are an idiot. If you hold out for say, $14 million from a losing team, you will regret it. Look at the bats in the lineup for the Yankees, not to mention the other pitchers around you. They are well-armed to make a playoff run this year. You can be their 5th starter for $10 million. No pressure on you as the 5th guy. Take the money. Help open the new stadium. Or be an ungrateful prima donna and go somewhere else. Have fun.


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