The Miami Marlins?

As some of you know, our division rival Florida Marlins face a critical vote on February 13th that will determine whether the financing for their proposed new stadium gets approved. If it does, when they begin play there in 2012, they have said they will be renamed the Miami Marlins. This looks like it will indeed pass, and they are already licking their chops down there about what the added revenue from a new stadium will mean to their ability to spend on free agents.

Sound familiar? Maybe some folks in the Nats’ front office will read some articles about the Marlins’ situation and a light bulb will go on. It’s too late to sign any impact players this off-season, but hopefully we will make an honest effort at picking up some impact players in next year’s free agent class. Now that our farm system is again ranked in the bottom half of the league, the Lerners and Kasten can no longer tell us to keep waiting for the young players to develop into home-grown superstars. It’s time to open up the checkbook. After this year, anything below .500 ball will be unacceptable. After the drop they will see in attendance this year due to a bad team, bad economy, and the shine being off the new stadium, I hope they finally listen or the franchise will be in big trouble.


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