Nationals Park Neighborhood

Another casualty of the faltering economy seems to be the development of the area around Nationals Park.  It could be many more years before this area really blossoms and becomes the thriving area of residents, shops, restaurants and bars that the city envisioned when plans were drawn up for the stadium.  Perhaps there is some leaguewide rule agsint this, but wouldn’t it make sense for the Red Porch and Red Loft bars to re-open after the final out?  There is literally nowhere else to go after the game, and the team is letting a lot of dollars walk out the door every night after the final pitch.  I realize they have to maintain security and prevent people from wandering into other areas of the stadium, but the money they would make would more than pay for some after-hours securty to keep watch over this.   A lot of people go out after the games, and if there were 20,000 fans attending a game, I bet a bare minimum of at least 200 of these would stay after the game for a few beers or some food.  It seems silly to have them leave when they would be happy to stay around and bring in more revenue.


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