Another Arrow in the Quiver

Now that the Nationals have inked Odalis Perez to a minor league deal, the team has another prospective starter to compete for a spot in the rotation and push the younger guys in camp.  The signing speaks volumes about the free agent market this year, since most observers at the end of last season expected Perez to seek a major league deal for several million dollars, after his solid (albeit unspectacular) performance for the last-place Nats last season, while making $850,000.  My how things have changed since then.

Interesting Nats press release today, in light of my blog post yesterday: “The Washington Nationals today announced their 2009 “NatsTown” marketing and advertising campaign…”.   Will be interesting to see what they roll out.

Only a few days left to submit your cover letter and resume to be one of the Presidents in the 4th innning race during the 2009 season.  Not sure what the pay is, but the demands don’t sound too bad.  You only need to be able to run with a 45 lb costume, and make at least 40% of the games.


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