Wow, How The Mighty Have Fallen

So Andruw Jones, he of the $36 million contract signed in 2008, is now a minor leaguer for the Texas Rangers, getting paid $500,000, with incentives only reaching $1 million.  And that’s only if he makes the roster as an everyday player (he needs to make 620 plate appearances to achieve the bonus).  Granted, he is not hurting for money by any means.  But to be “forced” to take that offer, that’s amazing.  The guy obviously wants to play baseball, as evidenced by his acceptance of this deal on the eve of the start of spring training.  He probably could have waited and gotten more money, but without a chance to prove himself in spring training and having the chance to crack a starting lineup.  I applaud him for that.   Still doesn’t take the “wow” factor out of it, since prior to last season, Jones had averaged 34 homers and 103 RBI over the past ten seasons!  The large number of unsigned, accomplished free agents adds an unusual backstory to spring training as we go through it week to week and see what amounts these players settle for, if they get jobs at all.


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