4 Days Until Camp Opens

With pitchers and catchers officially reporting to Viera on Saturday (some are already there), a few random thoughts as we approach the opening of camp (no A-Rod comments though, we’ve already seen too many).

More and more aging veterans are getting non-guaranteed, minor league deals going into the season (Weaver, Aurilia, Ensburg yesterday), and some veterans are getting released before spring training even begins.  Some of these released players may offer a lower price tag and coveted power that would help fill a void on the Nats’ roster.  Pretty soon, Adam Dunn’s price may be low enough for the Nationals to sign him–IF he is willing to slug it out for a last place team.  He was in town talking with the team last week, so this option is very much still alive.

Even if Dunn signs somewhere else, it might have an unintended  cascade effect on the Nationals.  If he displaces a starter somewhere else who is released, that player may be someone of interest to the Nationals, as they will likely have been a starter for someone in 2008.  However, the most likely scenario for this working out for the Nats would be if someone signed Dunn to play first, which is not necessarily likely.  In this offseason though, you can’t rule anything out.


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