A Piece Of The Puzzle

Well everyone is abuzz over the Nationals’ signing of Dunn this afternoon, and rightfully so.  We now have a guy who is a proven home run hitter who can help protect Ryan Zimmerman in the lineup.  We will need one of the other hitters in the middle of the lineup to blossom to truly have a lineup that puts any fear into opposing pitchers, however.  But having a hitter that can change a game with one swing does help us significantly.

What’s funny is that a year ago most people where saying we should avoid Dunn because he strikes out too much, does not hit for average, and is a below-average fielder.  But hey, times have changed, and at this point we’re happy to have him.  Kudos to the Nats for only giving him a 2-year deal.

I have a question about Abreu’s signing with ther Angels:  not that we need more outfielders, but if he signed for $5 million for one season, couldn’t we have given him $8 million and gotten him too?  He’s not the greatest player ever, but he’s had over 100 RBI in each of the last six years.  Last year, Milledge led the team with 61 RBI.  Let that sink in.  61 RBI.


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