Lannan Opens Spring Season Strong

John Lannan’s solid start today in the grapefruit league opener is a good omen for the Nats. If he stays healthy, he should be exciting to watch this year. I would love to see Shawn Hill have a similar outing when his turn comes in a couple days. I really hope he doesn’t fall prey to Patterson syndrome. Tomorrow should be a good one, with a home game and many of our regulars getting their first action of the spring.

Meant to comment on this last week when Dunn was signed, but one of the writers for the Wash Post wrote: “His arrival also closes speculation, debated for years now, about the club’s willingness to pay for higher-end free agents.” Ha! One signing and he thinks this closes speculation about that? Let’s be real, no one really believed we were going to get Texeira. We also could have matched the Yankees offer to C.C. and looked the part, but he still would have signed with the Yankees. The Dunn signing was the first sign that the Lerners are willing to open their pockets to sign some free agents. Let’s hope it does not close any speculation about that. We need that pressure to remain so that we can beef up the roster, if not this year, then next year.


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