Starting Over in the DR?

The Nationals have dismissed Jose Rijo, as well as 9 other organizational employees, and have said they will no longer be using Rijo’s facility in the Dominican Republic. Was this move made in haste? I’m not defending Rijo…yet. I just don’t feel like we have more than a trickle of the facts at this point. The Post reported that MLB verified Alavarez’ age 3 separate times and could find no issues with him. If that is the case, the Nationals must have some concrete information that Rijo was involved in this scam, or at least had knowledge of it that he did not disclose to the team. If not, then firing him and turning their back on his Dominican academy looks to be a knee-jerk public relations reaction, one that could certainly backfire down the road. Where do they go from here in terms of their efforts in the DR? Would they have to start more or less from scratch? If so, I hope their swift action was justified, and not another move that they will regret.


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