A Busy Weekend in Viera

It’s been a busy few days for the Nationals. With Bowden stepping down, it is widely assumed that Mike Rizzo will take over his spot as GM. If that occurs, who will step into Rizzo’s role? The assistant GM does a lot of heavy lifting that rarely receives notice in the press. Only now are we hearing about all of the great things that Rizzo has been doing as assistant GM. His replacement will be a critically important job as well. I actually would like to see them grab someone from a perennially successful team and plug them into the Nats’ front office. Even if it would be in a more junior role, it’s always good to cross-pollinate a staff with some successful ideas, rather than only promoting from within.

On the injury front, let’s hope Flores’ injury is nothing more than a strain that will take a couple days to subside. Good to see that Nick Johnson stroked a long ball the other day. I’m not sure having Dunn go off and play in the WBC is the best idea, as he needs some time to mesh and bond with his new teammates. But perhaps he is correct in saying the atmosphere and seriousness of the games will be more helpful in getting prepared for the regular season.


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