Sign Bonds or Post Bond?

Since Barry Bonds’ trial has been postponed until at least July, his agent is exploring options for him to play Major League Baseball again, if someone will give him a chance. Why would anyone want to add that sideshow to their organization? Sure, it would bring a lot of attention to the team, but I don’t see any teams biting, even as a publicity stunt. If a team does sign him, they might be signing Bonds in March and then posting bond for him in August.

Nationals single-game tickets went on sale today to the general public. Red Sox tickets had already been made available to both season ticket holders and then later to the general public. That series will be a great one to attend, win or lose, because of the packed house and excitement that it will generate. It should be very similar to when the Yankees came to DC several years ago. The excitement and buzz in the stadium were incredible. It will be a teaser as to what games will be like (hopefully) when the team starts contending and winning consistently. Hopefully it will serve as another reminder of what could be, if the team will finally open their wallet next year beyond signing just one marquee free agent.

Check out the ink that hometown hero Brendan Sullivan garnered on the front page of today: Pretty cool. If you have children who like sports, think about getting them involved in one of his teams or camps. They focus on the right things–leadership and education are emphasized in conjunction with all of the sports. You won’t regret it!


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  1. So, we’re saying that Tom Snefdeker is behind this blog? I suppose I see if he responds to this comment.

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