Lannan and Zimmermann Looking Sharp

Great to see the strong starts for these two guys the past few days.  I’m sure Zimmermann will have his rough outings this spring, but this was good to see.  I think playing a competitive game this early in the spring (vs. Italy) brought out the best in the guys.  A few more matches against WBC teams would have been great for the club.  Johnson is looking good at the plate again, although it’s still way too early to call anything happening in Florida a trend.

Manny finally took his $45 from the Dodgers, although he had to swallow his pride and take the money over 5 years instead of 2, with no interest being paid.  The Dodgers obviously were counting on him playing for them all along and wanted to avoid any further awkward negotiations before he comes into camp.  Otherwise, they would have driven an even tougher bargain, as they were effectively negotiating against themselves.  Nobody else wanted Manny at that price.  He’s lucky to have gotten $45 million.


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