Will Strasburg be a National?

The presumed first pick of the 2009 draft by the Nationals will be Stephen Strasburg of San Diego State. So far, the guy is 4-0 this season, with 5 walks and 59 strikeouts. I love pitchers like Greg Maddux and Jamie Moyer, who have uncanny control and always seem to know when to make which pitch. But when drafting younger guys, I’ve always been a fan of a guy with a big arm, like Strasburg. If I guy throws a 91 mph fastball in college, it’s doubtful you’re going to get him up to 95 or 96 consistently in the bigs. However, if a guy already consistently hits the high 90s, like Strasburg, it then becomes a matter of controlling that pitch. He’s got the talent, now let’s direct it. Even if it loses 1 or 2 mph while pinpointing location, you’ve got an extremely effective 96-97 mph pitch. And that might not even be his best pitch. He’s guy a really nasty slider to go along with it. Now let’s hope the Nationals pay him once they draft him, and that he rises to the big league club at least as quickly as David Price did for the Rays at the end of last year.


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