Around the Nats and the League

I knew Adam Dunn did a great job at the plate for Team USA in the World baseball Classic, but I did not realize that Joel Hanrahan was topping out around 90 mph on his fastball. Someone get him in the weight room, and stock his locker with lots of protein snacks. We need him to have a good year if we are going to win some games. It will be rare when we have more than a 1 or 2 run lead to protect in the ninth inning.

Schilling finally announced his retirement. I always respected him as a player. He could be very outspoken at times, but often he was just sounding the truths that others were afraid to say.

It was good to see Shawn Hill get picked up by the Padres. I guess we’ll know soon enough whether Washington made the right move by releasing him. Even if he regains an effective form, I still can’t fault the organization for cutting ties with him.

Sidney Ponson may yet claim a rotation spot with the Royals. That guy is like Lazarus. Every time he makes a boneheaded move or you think the game has passed him by, he goes away for a while and then reappears with another club in a starting role.


One response to “Around the Nats and the League

  1. Don’t worry about Hanrahan, he was well over 90 for most of his pitches, hitting 96 quite a few times.

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