The Final Roster Spot

With the Nationals placing Wily Mo on waivers and promoting Da Meat Hook to the 40 man roster, I now see Young with as decent a chance as anyone to take that final spot on the opening day roster. I always believed that he would get back into the big league dugout once the season started and as soon as someone tweaked an injury. Nationals’ brass firmly believes he can still hit, and they might also still want him around Dukes to keep him grounded, as much of their success this season might depend on Dukes’ production at the plate. At this point, they will likely try and sneak Kasto through waivers and have Young on the roster for the first few weeks of the season. How Dmitri hits in his final few spring training at bats this week will probably determine how that works out. Even if Hernandez is not healthy by opening day, that hole at 2B could be filled by Belliard or Willie Harris. Dmitri is limited to pinch hitting or playing 1B, so that hurts him. But his veteran presence in a clubhouse where the starting pitchers are all 27 or younger could be a deciding factor.


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