Some Reason For Optimism

Besides putting together our first winning streak of the season, I feel compelled to point out a few other subtle moments that give me some optimism. First would be Monday night when Nick Johnson fielded a grounder from Derek Lowe and instead of touching first for the easy out, made sure to go to second for the out, not just to nail the lead runner, but to make Lowe run the bases. Subtle move, but Lowe ended up throwing 115 pitches, so any little bit that made him work harder might have contributed to us scratching out one more run than the Braves. That’s the kind of heads-up play that happens on good teams all the time. We need lots more of those. On Tuesday, I thought the baserunning gaffe at home plate was going to bring us back down to earth, but Dukes’ throw from the outfield and Flores’ throw to third both restored my faith in the good karma we have going right now. And of course the timely hitting and solid pitching we’ve gotten over the past few days. Let’s keep it up tonight!


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