Let’s Steal Some Bases

Great outing last night by Lannan; too bad our bats and bullpen could not get it done. After a great performance by Jurrgens, Mike Gonzalez ended up getting the win for Atlanta after throwing only 1/3 of an inning. While this is somewhat of an oddity statistics-wise, it does not compare to former National Bill Bray, who a couple seasons ago threw exactly 1 pitch in a game and got his first Major League victory. That is about as rare as they come.

With Dukes playing so well and with the defensive combination of him and Justin Maxwell in center field, it’s hard to imagine Milledge coming back up to the bigs for a while. If and when he does come back, he needs to play a corner outfield spot and bat lower in the lineup. It was painful watching him pay out of position and hit out of position in the batting order as well. Someday soon I really would love to have true base-stealer at the top of the lineup. It really makes the game so much more exciting to watch. And there is an immeasurable effect on opposing pitchers, who always have to be cognizant of what’s going on when they are on base, which in turn distracts their focus from pitching and helps out our hitters. Anyone have an injury update on Roger Bernadina?


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