A Solid Win All Around

Great to see Jordan Zimmermann come through with another solid outing. The guy does not seem to get fazed out there, even when he got down by a run early in front of a hostile crowd of 40,000 people. Now I‘d love to see us take 2 of 3 from the Philles and get some momentum before the Cards come to town later this week. They are red-hot lately, although their defense has been their Achilles heel thus far. Hopefully it’s still an issue when they get into town, as they score a lot of runs and we’ll need to do the same.

On a separate note, Jamie Moyer just got his third win of the season and it’s only April (although his ERA is over 5). Let’s be real conservative and say he wins just 10 more games this season, and ends up going 13-12 on the season. Then next season (he’s signed for 2 years, even though he is 46), let’s say he cobbles together a 12-14 season. That gives him 271 wins. Does he eventually get into the Hall of Fame?


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