Nats Come Home Friday Along With a New Ballpark Addition

Alright, I am turning over a new leaf as of today, getting back to posting a lot more often. Really looking forward to the next homestand, especially with the opening of The Bullpen right across from the stadium. We will finally have a place for pre and post-game beers, live music, etc. check it out at

Last night’s game was another entertaining one, although it had an ending that we’ve seen all too often this season: our opponent scored into the double digits and we lost despite our usual offensive explosion. Restating the obvious, we need pitching badly, both starters and relievers. And this is why is hurts so badly that the front office did not do more in the off-season to sign some decent free agent pitchers. At this point in the season, if we go after someone other than a free agent like Pedro, we’re going to have to give up some young players from our farm system, which we obviously don’t want to do. Guys, there is a delicate balance between investing in and stocking your farm system and spending free agent money to plug current holes. You did a solid job putting together an offense for this year, yet you did noting more than scrape up a few tiny band-aids to cover wounds that were much too big on the pitching front. At least the games are fun to watch, as you never know what could happen when we are at bat. Let’s get back on the winning track tonight.


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