Sometimes It’s The Little Things

I want to avoid talking about yet another blown save that has cost us a game, so I will focus on an earlier turning point in last night’s game.  In the fifth inning, Jordan Zimmermann loaded the bases but was able to quickly get ahead 0-2 on Edgar Renteria.  Then the wheels came off.  Zimmermann threw three straight breaking balls—all away, and all outside of the strike zone.  Then he comes back with a fastball, which Renteria knew was coming, and he slapped it to right field for a 2-run single.  You could argue that those 2 runs eventually cost us the win. (I realize that is a reach since it was only the 5th, and we lost by 2).  But those are the kinds of little things that have costs us victories almost as often as our bullpen.  I actually blame Nieves for the way he called that at-bat.  Even the announcers were saying well, he got himself in a pickle by throwing three straight breaking balls.  Now everyone in the world is expecting a fastball on a 3-2 count with the bases loaded.  Even though a curve or a slider would have been risky to get in there for a strike, it would have been a better pitch to throw.  The final insult was throwing that fastball on the outside part of the plate.  You had him leaning that way for the last 3 pitches.  It you must throw a fastball, bring it inside on his hands.  Don’t put it right where you put the last 3 pitches.  While we still should have won the game, those are the kinds of things that winning teams are more careful about.  Thanks for indulging me in that minutiae.  Let’s see Martis go 5-0 tonight.


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