Signing Strasburg

Well we know that Stephen Strasburg is going to take some time off from baseball for some R&R, and then get back to working out and getting ready to (hopefully) join the Nats later this summer. Each side has some interesting leverage. The Nationals simply have to sign Strasburg, not only so that he can get started on his path to helping the team, but also because not doing so would be a PR nightmare. They’ve got 2 months to do it, and it seems like Strasburg will be content to use up most of that window, but the Lerners will step up to the plate and sign him. It’s good to see that they already signed Storen and had him out at the stadium last night. It should be somewhat easier to sign the rest of the picks on down, at least until you get to the later rounds, when some of the high school guys may opt not to sign for small bonuses but instead play a year of college ball and try to improve their draft slot.

While I’m excited about the potential that lies within the recently-drafted talent pool, beyond the first few picks I’m turning my attention to next season’s free agent crop. We need to produce a winner on the field ong before these new guys are groomed to do it. I think it may be time to start putting together a wish list for the off-season.

I need to vent on a few quick items from Tuesday’s game, which I meant to do yesterday. The first of which is walking a pitcher, who eventually scored, on 4 pitches. Wow. Then throwing Brandon Phillips 4 straight fastballs with the bases loaded. On that 4th pitch that he hit for a double I was like no, please go off speed, he’s got your timing down. But nope, fastball. Double to right field. Sometimes when your physical skills aren’t quite where they need to be, you need to use your head to make up for that, and right now we’re certainly not doing that.

The other beef I have is with the umpire making 2 terrible strike calls at the end of the game, one on Adam Dunn in the 8th and the other on Austin Kearns to end the game. At least the Nats argued the calls, as they should have. But anyone who was there or who saw it on TV could see that this guy just wanted to get out of there and go home since it just about midnight. Any umpire who acts like that needs to receive some discipline from the league, even if it’s just a stern reprimand. There is no place for behavior like that and thankfully we rarely see it. Ok, I’m done.


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