I Am Not Making This Up

I just have to stay on this bit for another day.  Either the Nationals’ front office thinks their fan base is stupid enough to completely forget what they wrote about Guzman just last week, or they are shamelessly plugging him for the All-Star game to pump up his trade value.  Either situation is just silly.  A quick comparison of 2 recent items on their website are copied below.  I can’t take credit for my call-out of this article because I don’t have enough readers on here, but Incredibly, the Nats have since pulled this commentary from July 1 from their website.  I mean, come on guys, this is ridiculous!  One day you hate the guy, then the next you think he’s an All-Star!  And to go so low as to pull it off your website (see my July 2 blog post for complete details), that’s just pretty underhanded.

From July 1:

“[Rizzo] is looking for a starting shortstop. The Nationals feel that Cristian Guzman, who is on the trading block, has lost a few steps with his glove.”

From July 7:

Nationals believe Guzman is an All-Star

When the Nationals face the Rockies on Tuesday in the middle game of their three-game series, it will be Day 2 of the Cristian Guzman 2009 All-Star Game Sprint Final Vote watch.  Guzman is a two-time All-Star who was selected last season with the Nationals and in 2001 with the Twins.  Zimmerman and manager Manny Acta said Sunday that Guzman deserved to go to St. Louis.  Acta reiterated that stance Monday.

“He’s been very consistent from Day 1,” Acta said. “He’s hit over .300 this whole season, he plays every day, he has been healthy and he’s been good to our club.”

Guzman is having one of his better seasons, as he’s 12th in the NL in hitting at .314 with three home runs and 21 RBIs. He has 31 multihit games, which is tied for second in the NL.


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