Strasburg Countdown

Well we’re in the final 5 days of the signing period, and it looks like this signing, if it happens, is going to go down to the wire. While I think the money he’s asking for is ludicrous, I have to ask this: If the Nationals didn’t want to pay this guy, why draft him at No.1? You should have drafted the 2nd or 3rd best guy on the board,and paid him in line with what past draftees have gotten. They didn’t want to pay Crow last year and he walked. If they don’t want to pay Strasburg, they shouldn’t have drafted him. And if they didn’t do their research on what he was going to demand, then we have even bigger problems to worry about. It really pains me to see them shell out that kind of dough to a guy unproven at the Major League (or even Minor League) level, but the Nats made their bed and now they have to sleep in it and sign him. If they don’t, they need to take that money and step away from The Plan this winter and sign 2 proven starters, 2 proven relievers, and a second baseman or an outfielder. We need to resolve that revolving door at 2nd base one way or another.


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