Early Returns

I have to say I’m as pleased as anyone that the Nats are at .500 after 16 games and have been flirting with a winning record lately. We’ve got a lot of hot bats, and if we can just get more stability in our starting pitching, we’d be in really solid shape. Speaking of which, I’m going to say it here first that Marquis’ season may be a wash. He claimed he was having some mechanical problems, then the team says he has bone chips in his elbow, and that it’s hard to pitch with bone chips in the elbow. But now they’re saying he won’t need surgery? Either he’s not really hurt and they’re taking him away for while to work on his mechanics, or else he’s legitimately hurt and needs surgery. We already went through this with Stammen, where he pitched through bone chips last season and had negative results. He got them removed in the off-season, and to date he appears much improved. Marquis already said his arm stiffened up from it last week. A cortisone shot and rest and rehab does not cure bone chips. It’s not the same thing as a muscle strain. Let’s get them taken out and get him back healthy in 6-8 weeks.


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