Post-July 31 Comments

Now that that baseball is breathing a collective, if temporary, sigh during this post-trade deadline week, let’s pause to take a look at what the Nats did (and didn’t do). As I had recommended earlier, we made the right move and traded Capps. In the the process we may have picked up our catcher of the future. We moved Guzman, who was a very capable hitter, for 2 pitching prospects that are having solid seasons (but not exactly kids at 25 and 26).

We held onto Adam Dunn instead of trading him for a pitcher who has an ERA over 5 this season and whose career average is not much below that. This made a lot of fans happy (including this one) and hopefully the Nats’ next move will be to try and repair some of the feelings between the 2 sides and get Dunn inked to that 4 year, 60 million dollar deal. Exposing him to waivers was not a great start. His price may have just gone up. We must have him in the lineup for his production and also as protection for Zim and the pitches Zim sees. Let’s get this done asap.


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