I took a full 24 hours to decompress after the Werth signing, so this post is a lot more toned down then the one I initially drafted.  I always thought the Nats ownership was cheap, but I didn’t know that they also really lacked intelligence.  We wouldn’t give Adam Dunn a 4th year on a deal at $14 million per season but we’ll give Jayson Werth 7 years and $18 million per season?  JAYSON WERTH HAS NEVER EVEN HAD 100 RBI IN A SEASON.  You could have had Carl Crawford for that kind of money, or probably even less.  Sorry for the all caps, but it was cathartic for me.  I feel better.  Now if Crawford gets more money than that, he can send a nice thank you note and fruit basket to Werth for setting the market at an absurd level.  Thankfully since everyone other than the Nationals organization is expressing their shock at this deal, I don’t have to rattle on too long about it.  Plus, as I already predicted in a post on October 15, this signing will not end well.  I’m sure Jayson Werth is a heck of a guy, but when we are 3 years into this 7 year deal, you will be seeing this deal listed next to other $100 million DC blunders such as Haynesworth and Arenas.


One response to “WOW

  1. The Nats are lucky to have Werth. It’s certainly going to boost female attendance this season!

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