Two Up, One Down

In terms of thumbs up, thumbs down, that is. I give the Nats props for trading Willingham and landing one fireballer with huge upside, and another player who was highly regarded coming out of the draft and played very well in the minors until hitting some bumps in AAA last year. My thumbs down goes to the Nats’ reluctance to sign Joel Peralta. He had a 2.02 ERA in 49 innings pitched last year. And he signed for a year for less than $1 million dollars! Wouldn’t it have been worth it to give him $1.25 million if he was willing to sign for only one year? Frankly I’m shocked that’s all the money he got.

Let me give the Nats another thumbs up for trying to acquire Zack Grienke. I’m not sure we’ll ever know the truth about who the Nats offered to the Royals, but I’m impressed that they were that serious about acquiring him. Now, please don’t overpay for Pavano if we go after him next. He is coming off a great year, but he’s 34 and has a history of injuries. Maybe a 2 year deal to stabilize the rotation somewhat, but please, nothing more than 2 years. I’d prefer one but I doubt he would accept that.

No thumb either way on the Ankiel deal. His stats don’t make him the answer to anything on paper. However, he might have a great spring, and elbow his way into the center field job over Nyjer Morgan, which would be a welcome development. And I applaud the Nats for only giving him a one-year deal. Smart move there.


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