Week in Review

Well we’re one week in and we have one win to show so far. But I’m not disheartened; the Nats have shown some good things in every game, save the finale against the Braves. The bullpen has been surprisingly suspect, but that should improve as some of the younger guys get more experience. Some bats are hot and others have been silent. All in all, too early to make any macro judgements. Looking forward to seeing them in action against the Phillies next week.

I must opine briefly on a somewhat non-baseball topic. Opening Day saw a large, enthusiastic crowd, which was great to see, all in spite of the chilly weather. Parking was scarce, most lots filled up quickly, and there was a lot of traffic with people trying to get parked and into the stadium. All “good” things if you consider that means the Nats were getting a lot of support that day. What was appalling was the city’s response to Opening Day and the cars that it brought to the stadium area. There were tons of police in the area–90% of them writing tickets and perhaps 10% helping with traffic flow and pedestrian safety. What a disgrace to the city. Instead of promoting business and commerce in the form of baseball, concessions and local food and drink establishments (few as they are in that area), DC sent out their ticket-writing forces in droves, like blood-sucking leaches. When asked where we could find parking, the response was either that there was none left, or else they directed us to a lot that was already full. What they were really saying was, “Once you give up and park in a short term space, we’ll be right there to ticket you on the spot. Enjoy the game” Disgraceful.


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