Rizzo: Wake Up!

Last night had to be one of the more deflating losses I’ve seen. Blowing an 8-run lead is tough, but considering that we’ve had our share of luck this season, I can’t dwell on it too much. But one of the contributing factors was just too much to take. Sean Burnett has got to go. Granted we had already given back 6 runs of our 8-run lead, but a 2-run homer on the first pitch? Burnett has already blown so many games this season, you need both hands to count them. And the season in only halfway over.

I realize we need a LOOGY in our bullpen, (lefty one out guy) but Burnett has been anything but. I’m confident that we’ll bring up JC Romero to fill that role at some point, but why wait any longer? Bring someone up from the minors for a cup of coffee until Romero (or someone better) is ready. Hey Rizzo, here is quick lesson: the worst thing that can happen when a pitcher throws a pitch is serve up a home run. Not a hit batsman or a wild pitch, but a home run. It’s impossible to do anything worse. Burnett accomplished this on his first pitch. A rookie in that spot could not have done anything worse than that. Quit watching this guy ruin games for us. Do something about it, please.


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