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More on the Starting Five

Following up on my post from 4 days ago…since then, my fears about Olsen have been even more realized. Olsen is in for a rough year. While he feels that his arm is getting stronger, an 89 mph fastball is going to get pounded by major league hitters. He can’t pick corners like Lannan can at lower speeds. Mock and Martin just had bad outings. Riggleman is now saying that Stammen is a good bet to be in the rotation. I’m fine with this, per my previous post, but if both Olsen and Mock are in as he has said before, then Livo is the odd man out. After Hernandez’ second strong outing, I’m even more convinced that he needs to be in the rotation to start the season. He may get bumped later, but either Mock or Olsen needs to go to the bullpen. The only realistic scenario though is that Mock could be a long reliever if Livo sneaks into the rotation to start the season. No matter how bad Olsen looks, the Nats are going to give him a handful of starts to see if he can regain his form. I just hope they don’t give him too long of a string if his current trend continues.


Tightening the Rotation

Well, we’re 2 weeks from Opening Day, and the starting rotation is all but set. Lannan has looked great and will be on the mound Opening Day. Marquis has not looked sharp, but folks are optimistic that he’ll regain his form with a few more outings. Olsen has also been penciled in, which is a concern because he’s coming off injuries and his velocity, never high to begin with, is off. It appears that Mock and Livo will round out the rotation. While Mock has had great control this Spring, he still comes into the season as an unproven commodity at the major league level. Hernandez will likely be an innings-eater as usual, but can he keep his era under 5? He got a late start this spring, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing for a guy who, when healthy, consistently pitches 200-inning seasons. Prediction here is that the top 2 guys will solidly anchor the rotation, and that Olsen will be given a long leash to prove that he is healthy and effective. If Mock is ineffective early and/or Livo’s arm tired midway through the season, look for Martin or Stammen to come in and get another crack. One of them will likely already be on the opening day roster as a long reliever.

Long Homestand Begins Tomorrow

Looking forward to the long homestand beginning tomorrow night, but I’m sure the Nationals front office is pretty bummed the streak didn’t last just a few more days.  They probably would have sold another 5,000-10,000 more seats per game during the streak,  as it would have given people an added incentive to come to the ballpark.

If Lannan can come up with another solid outing tomorrow night and get to .500, I’ll feel really good about he and Martis anchoring our rotation for the rest of the season.  We still need more consistency from Olsen’s outings.  What will the Nats do with Cabrera?  It’s probably still too early to say.  They need him to eat some innings for now.  He’s too wild to send to the bullpen.  But we’re paying him a decent chunk of change and I don’t think we want to rush any more of our young guys to the bigs just yet.  Maybe by Monday we’ll start having some games without rain continuously in the forecast…we can only hope.

No News, No Action

Well, I just returned from a long weekend away, hoping that we might have some (even minor) player news to talk about. Looks like all we’ve got are the impending negotiations, or possibly hearings, between the club and their 4 arbitration-eligible players: Zimmerman, Olsen, Willingham and Hill. Let’s hope they make some reasonable offers, at least to the first 3, so that we can avoid a process that distracts from the players preparing for the season or causing any bad blood between them. I still like Hill’s potential, but he does not deserve a raise until he proves himself to be healthy and a solid contributor.