Rule 5 Draft Notes and Recent Signings

When I saw that Jack McGeary had been taken by the Red Sox, my first reaction was surprise. It seems like yesterday that we drafted him in the 6th round, but paid him first round money and paid for his education at Stanford, granting him a unique schedule as well so that he could go to college as well as pursue minor league ball. Time flies, and that was five years ago. It’s also one UCL surgery later, and his stats last year in the minors were not impressive. Perhaps a fresh start in Boston will motivate him to live up to his lofty expectations of 5 years ago. If not, he won’t make the team and he’ll be offered back to the Nats by rule.  We lost 4 other players as well, which is always unfortunate, but at the same time a compliment to our scouting staff and minor league system

A quick note on some recent free agent signings, specifically Scutaro and Victorino. I’m so relieved that we are not a team overpaying for a past-his-prime player that will have a very difficult time living up to his contract. I was shocked by the money those two got. And as for today’s Josh Hamilton signing, I’m just glad he stayed in the American League!


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